Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Introducing BrightSTEPTM, a revolutionary new web-based tool for tracking comprehensive student safety and success. A selection of Ontario based initiatives addressed with BrightSTEP:

  • Safe Schools & Progressive Discipline
  • Student Success
  • MISA 8 - 9 Transition
  • Special Education Management

BrightSTEP has comprehensive tools for tracking and analyzing behavioural referrals and patterns. BrightSTEP can satisfy all progressive discipline requirements under Bill 212.


BrightSTEP is first to use Social Network Analysis to visualize behaviour patterns between students to easily identify students at risk for offending and/or being victimized.

Case Management

BrightSTEP provides advanced case management and identification of students at risk within a school. Student information from school-based meetings, interventions and assessments can be collected. School metrics are easily viewed through BrightSTEP’s innovative dashboard. Staff can access case histories of students who transition into a Secondary or other new school.


For further information about how BrightSTEP can help ensure student safety and success within your school or district, contact:

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